Nicholas Hertz

Nicholas Hertz

Company: Mitokinin

Job title: Chief Scientific Officer


Nicholas T Hertz, Ph.D. is Chief Scientific Officer at Mitokinin Inc, a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing PINK1-targeted small molecules to treat neurodegenerative disease. As the founding CSO of Mitokinin, Nicholas helped to establish the Company’s scientific and strategic vision and led the seed and Series  A financings. He is a widely published neuroscientist and chemical biologist, with 15 lead or co-author publications in top-tier journals including Cell, Nature, Neuron and Nature Genetics. Following a UCLA Biochemistry BS (Magna Cum Laude) Nicholas earned his Ph.D. in Chemical Biology working in the Shokat and Burlingame Labs at UCSF and completed a Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellowship in the lab of Marc Tessier-Lavigne at Rockefeller University and Stanford University.


Panel Discussion: Recognize the Financial Difficulty of Developing Drugs for Targeting Mitochondria & Moving Drugs to the Next Phase 12:00 pm

• Explore the challenges of funding development • Learn how drug developers can inspire and attract companies to invest in their novel development and pipeline • Discover how can the industry come together to overcome the paucity of fundingRead more

day: Day Two

Activating PINK1 Dependent Mitochondrial Quality Control to Treat Parkinson’s Disease 1:45 pm

• Examine 3/A strategy to selectively activate PINK1 by stimulating autophosphorylation • Take a Look at Identification of a potent, brain penetrant, PINK1 activator, MTK458 • Evaluate how MTK458 drives clearance of synuclein pathology in in-vivo Parkinson’s models • Understand how MTK458 is a valuable pharmacological tool to interrogate PINK1 biology in vivoRead more

day: Day One

Panel Discussion: Evaluate the Current Challenges, Approaches & Opportunities in Targeting-Mitochondria for Age-related & Mitochondrial Diseases 9:55 am

• How can drug developers/research cut to the real barriers, and debate what is truly required to break through to successful treatments for mitochondrial diseases? • What’s the impact of COVID-19 and its repercussions on existing clinical trials/research?Read more

day: Day One

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