Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday | February 22, 2022

10AM - 4PM EST

Workshop A: The Lifecycle of Mitochondria

10am-12.30pm EST

This workshop will enable you to better understand, examine and evaluate:

  • The role of mitochondria in the evolution of complex eukaryotic life
  • The role of cardiolipin in determining structure and function of mitochondria
  • Cardiolipin as a signaling platform for life and death
  • Bacterial content released out of mitochondria are danger molecules (MitoDAMPS)

Join this workshop to help you answer the below questions and more!

  • What is the fate of mitochondria or mitochondrial content released from cells?
  • How can this information guide future development of mitochondrial interventions?

Workshop Leader:

Hazel Szeto

Hazel Szeto
Co-Founder & Director,
Improving Global Health, Inc. & Scientific Founder
Stealth BioTherapeutics

Workshop B: Navigating Funding Challenges & Opportunities
when Developing Therapeutics Targeting Mitochondria for Chronic Diseases

1.30pm - 4pm EST

This workshop will enable you to better understand, examine
and evaluate:

  • The challenges of funding development
  • How drug developers can inspire and attract companies to invest in their novel development and pipeline
  • How the industry can come together to overcome the paucity of funding

Join this workshop to understand how to maximize your ability to secure adequate funding for continued development of assets.

This session will be an opportunity to discuss with peers and hear the perspectives of seasoned experts in investment and funding for life sciences companies tackling key challenges to securing funding and investment for early stage development pipelines.

Workshop Leader:

Dan DiPietro

Dan DiPietro
Founding Partner
Aceras Bio