Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

The 2nd Annual Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit will unite leading experts and top organizations, to accelerate the discovery and development of novel drugs targeting mitochondrial functions for chronic diseases.

This is your opportunity to collaborate with key decision-makers to overcome their current challenges halting further progress in this emerging space.

Email to learn more about partnership opportunities for 2023.

As drug developers targeting mitochondria dysfunction mature and progress into clinical development, they are currently seeking help with:

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Contract Research – Can you accelerate and support preclinical and clinical R&D biopharma to help make therapeutics for (mito-targeted) chronic diseases a reality for patients?

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Preclinical Services – Can you provide novel solutions to existing preclinical model challenges to develop effective therapeutics that target mitochondria for chronic diseases?

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Equipment & Service Providers – Do you have equipment or services that can allow developers to run mitochondrial function assays, improve live cell imaging, provide cell-based phenotypic testing technologies?